Enterprise Performance Management

Delivering visibility across any data center, any cloud, any network, assuring robust digital service platform

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Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology

leverages the high-value wire traffic to generate “smart data” for smarter analytics to assure performance, manage risk, and facilitate superior decision making regarding application and network services

nGeniusONE Modules for Troubleshooting and Monitoring

Service Dashboard

Service Dashboard provides consolidated visual overviews of the health of application services, network services, and service domains in your network

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Discover My Network

Discover My Network module provides an overall view of activity on your network, useful for ad hoc troubleshooting

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Service Monitors

Service Monitors supports queries based on multiple applications / services supplied by data from appliances enabled for ASI classification

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Service Enablers Monitor

Service Enablers category includes protocol-specific (DNS, DHCP, LDAP, and RADIUS) monitors of fundamental applications essential for all networks

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Traffic Monitor

Traffic Monitor can be used to analyze anomalous conditions affecting network performance such as unexpected/unidentified application traffic and link health based on specific indicators

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Packet Analysis

Troubleshooting hard to solve problems by leveraging raw data to see the truth

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Notification Center

Notification Center provides a consolidated view of alerts and situations that have occurred during a specified time frame

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My Report

My Reports module enables you to view reports created in the Report Configuration tool and Grid application

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Grid is a workspace where you can construct and view charts with monitored data and related context based on what is important to your enterprise

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