Traffic Capture

Traffic capture and analysis are essential for a wide range of analytics and forensic needs, from application performance monitoring to security threat detection and investigation. Hardware and software solutions for traffic capture and analysis come in many shapes and sizes. Traffic capture and analysis on a single low bandwidth connection between a desktop and a switch is relatively easy to accomplish, but hundreds of high speed connections inside a data center require a different approach and budget

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Observe. Identify. Resolve.

Network infrastructures are evolving, which shows particularly in the rise of distributed networks. Data centers are migrating to the cloud, to which branch offices around the globe are connected, and to which staff needs the ability to connect in order to work remotely. When selecting the right tool for the job, it is important to start distilling the monitoring reason, and the locations in the infrastructure at which key capture points are required to get the right data at the right time. Whether it is in the data center, a part of a building, a whole campus, or a branch office, a well implemented traffic capture and analysis solution helps track down performance and security issues in the least amount of time possible, keeping the business secure and performant.

Traffic capture and analysis tools enable you to:

  • Acquire full network and application visibility at key monitoring points
  • Quickly identify and resolve network and application issues
  • Perform both real-time and historical data investigation for forensic analysis
  • Optimize the performance and security of your business-critical networks and applications

Profitap Traffic Capture & Analysis Solutions


IOTA is an all-in-one network traffic monitoring solution that combines capture, storage, and analysis capabilities in a single compact device



ProfiShark is a series of portable capture devices that allow in-line or out-of-band access to a network line and capture all packets to a host PC or laptop