Our Background

Network Media was founded in 1994 as a specialist supplier of network management and security tools. Our independent status and strong technical skills allow us to tailor solutions often using equipment from more than one manufacturer to provide unique, bespoke solutions to unique problems

We deliver a comprehensive family of network management and security solutions and services for medium to large organizations, with the objective of maximizing their network performance and protecting their information technology assets

We team up with leading network management and security solutions vendors including NetScout Systems, Gigamon, Plixer, APCON, Profitap and Xena Networks

Our years of singular focus on network management and security have built us in-depth understanding and a breadth of hands-on experience in the following areas:

Network fault isolation

Application performance and service monitoring

Mapping of monitoring traffic to network and security tools with optimization and intelligence

Network Detection and Response

Network Testing


Year 1994

Company Found

Network Media was found

Year 1995

Sniffer's Distributor

Distributor of Sniffer to promote protocol analysis technologies for LAN and WAN

Year 1996

Sniffer University

Arrange Sniffer University training (LAN, WAN, ATM & TCP/IP) in Hong Kong

Year 1997

Top Asia Distributor Award

Network General (Sniffer Company) Top Asia Distributor

Year 1999


Partner with Lucent on Service Level Management Solution, VItalSuite and VItalNet

Year 2000

Net Optics

Introduce non-intrusive network tapping technologies for LAN and WAN traffic capture

Year 2000

Most Valuable Partner Award

Network Associates Most Valuable Partner Award

Year 2005


Partner with Apcon to support high density matrix switches for network monitoring

Year 2006


Partner with Gigamon to introduce Network Packet Broker technologies in Hong Kong

Year 2008


Partner with PacketDesign to introduce Route Analytic solution

Year 2010

Xena Networks

Partner with Xena Networks to support full range of Ethernet testing solution

Year 2014


Partner with Plixer to support enterprise class Netflow Analytics solution

Year 2016


Partner with ProfiTap for comprehensive range of network tapping solution

Year 2018

White Box

Introduce White Box solution for Network Packet Broker

Year 2022

Network Detection and Response

Support Plixer's Network Detection and Response solution based on machine learning for flow data

Year 2023


Support NetScout's nGeniusPULSE to empower 24x7 proactive monitoring for applications in public or private cloud