Xena is a full-featured Ethernet traffic generation and network emulation platform with extensive Physical Layer test capabilities. User-friendly test software and test automation options are included with all Xena chassis and test modules enabling comprehensive testing of Ethernet devices at all speeds up to 800Gbps

Xena Ethernet Testing Solutions

Xena Test Suite Desktop Applications

Xena Test Suite Desktop Applications (for Windows) include automated test suites for RFC 2544, Y.1564, RFC 2889 and RFC 3918 testing.

Xena2544 provides comprehensive support for all four test types specified in RFC2544. It also offers the flexibility to selectively enable one or more test types based on your requirements. Xena2544 accommodates various network topologies and supports traffic flow in both Layer 2 and Layer 3, catering to both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols

Xena2889 is designed for performance benchmarking of Layer 2 LAN switches, aligning with the guidelines outlined in RFC 2889. It offers a comprehensive test suite, excluding the “Dribble Bit Errors” and “Alignment Errors” tests specified in the RFC. Xena2889 provides a valuable tool for assessing and measuring the performance of Layer 2 LAN switches in a convenient and efficient manner

Xena3918 serves as a valuable tool for conducting RFC3918 IP Multicast Benchmarking testing with one or multiple Xena test chassis. With Xena3918, users gain access to an intuitive port configuration panel that simplifies the process of adding or removing ports, as well as assigning IP addresses and port roles

Xena1564 is a feature-rich application that offers comprehensive support for both the configuration and performance test types defined in Y.1564 for Ethernet Service Validation. The intuitive graphical user interface provided by Xena1564 simplifies the process of connecting one or more Xena chassis for conducting Layer 2 and Layer 3 tests. This user-friendly interface enhances the testing experience, allowing for efficient and accurate configuration and performance assessment


Xena offers a selection of test modules for testing all Ethernet speeds from 10Mbps to 800Gbps.

Z10 ODIN : 10Mbps to 10Gbps

Z100 LOKI : 10Gbps to 100Gbps

Z400 THOR : 10Gbps to 400Gbps

Z800 FREYA : 10Gbps to 800Gbps


Xena test modules can be mounted in either a modular 4U Xena B720/2400 which has 12 slots, or the 1U XenaCompact with one fixed slot.

The 4U XenaBay offers greater flexibility and scalability. For example it can hold up to 4 x 800G or 72 dedicated 10G ports. The 1U XenaCompact however is easier to transport and suitable for desktop use

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